Our Technology

Our Technology

Our Technology

Our Technology

Our Technology

Topcon Digital Phoropter CV 5000

The CV 5000 is a digital phoropter that features high-speed lens disc rotation which reduces overall refraction time and ocular stress. It also allows simultaneous display of both options 1 and 2, which helps with the dreaded 1 or 2 decision!

I-Care Tonometer

Say goodbye to the air puff! We are proud to offer the I-Care tonometer, an instrument that can quickly and comfortably measure your eye pressure without the notorious "air puff" that you may have had at other offices.


Optikam is a complete dispensing solution that helps us assist patients at all stages of the eyewear dispensing process. OptikamPad allows all measurements to be obtained immediately after a snapshot and provides the ten measurements needed for Position of Wear. These measurements, when accounted for in the fabrication of the patient's lenses, offer the best visual experience, thus moving patients into superior lens products.


The Maestro2 is a digital retinal imaging system that not only takes a color photo inside of the eye but takes a screening OCT scan. This scan allows us to detect early signs of diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma and allows us to track progression over time.

Slit lamp camera

We use a slit lamp camera to evaluate the health of your eyes and for documentation. This gives us the ability to show you exactly what we see on your ocular surface right on the computer screen.

CA-800 Topographer and Meibography system

The CA 800 allows us to map the curvature of the cornea or ocular surface, which allows for more precise and custom contact lens fits. It also allows us to take high resolution images of your meibomian glands, which are commonly the cause of dry eye syndrome.

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